Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't Cry Over Spilled Taco Salad

Let me set up the scene: 1 ravenous pregnant woman, 2 hours past lunchtime, 1 fresh, warm, perfect taco salad. My mouth was already watering as I carefully scooted out of the car to head back into the office with my lunch. Somehow my purse shifted on my arm and the taco salad (that was clutched in 2 hands) smashed to the ground! The box burst open as lettuce and salsa flew out! I dropped my purse, stomped my foot and....cried. Yep, I cried. In the office parking lot...over a taco salad. I managed to get ahold of myself, grab the box and drag my sad self into the office. I sighed and opened the box to survey the damage. (Get ready for something amazing) The taco bowl had busted into a bunch of bite-sized pieces and all the insides of the salad had somehow managed to perfectly disperse themselves onto the pieces! It was like a miracle of taco salad perfection! It was so much less of a mess to eat this way, all busted up. It truly was the perfect taco salad! I think I'll (gently) drop all my taco salads from now on. Alas, I can't promise a tear-free pregnancy, but I can promise to keep an open eye for the silver lining in all things spilled from this point forward!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Things the Babies Need to Know...according to Brother

1. The babies need to learn how to be good people, not evil. I think we can teach them how to be good.

2. I will teach them tricks like how to spin a basketball on their pinky real fast!

3. I'm going to take them on vacation where people speak Spanish, you know Mom, where the Eiffle Tower is, that country.

4. They need to know about the "Statue of Liverty" in "Yew Nork City", cause that's my favorite city!

5. I will be very angry at them if they break my toys, but I know babies do that so I'll tell them it's ok, but they need to know I'll be angry. Very angry.

6. I'll teach them to crawl and walk and juggle.

7. I want to teach them all kinds of stuff, but I have to decide on the most important because I don't have time to teach them all the stuff I know. Cause Mom I know a lot...more than you and maybe even more than Baba!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Grow Babies Grow!

At 15 weeks, I've only gained 1 pound. The Dr. assures us this is ok, but he wants me steadily gaining each week. The goal is a total of (gulp) 50 pounds. He would like me to gain about 2lbs per week now. So starting this past week I've been eating 3 regular meals and 4-5 snacks per day. Although, in theory, this sounds like a fun, fat-fest, free-for-all; the reality is that it is not. Every bite that I eat needs to have nutritional value and that is just not a lot of fun.  At least I'm having fun with the protein shakes though. I'm having a hard time getting the massive amounts of protein that twins need so Dr. Jones says to drink 1-2 protein shakes a day.  Aunt Cathy will be thrilled to know these babies are Shaklee babies already! I'm using the Cinch powder and trying new flavor combos :-)

                                                                 Fresh Blueberry! mmm!     

These are NOT the diapers my Momma used!

While doing some research on how to be frugal with twins, I found some info about cloth diapering.  We do not know anyone who does this, but after doing a lot more research over the past few weeks, I have no idea why more people don't! It is certainly NOT the old fashioned white nappy & safety pin get-up like I bet most of you are picturing! Cloth diapers have come a long way baby!
D & I are excited to give it a try and really excited about the cost savings. (about $1,500-$2,000 a year with twins!) Not to mention the benefit for babies skin & the environmental factor. Before you naysayers get all wound up, make sure you do your research on modern day cloth diapers then start your commentary. :-)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Blogging Thing!

I'm going to attempt this "blogging thing". Several years ago, I maintained a website that covered my son's journey into the world. Family & friends visited that site often and have started asking if I'm going to do the same with this pregnancy.  Of course, I want to share ALL the joys of this newest journey with you all, so be patient while I navigate the waters of this blogging thing!