DIY project-dreamer-upper, coffee drinkin', scrapbook makin', coupon clipin', back sassin', joke crackin', 1 of 2 Moms of 3 (6yo son and infant twin daughters). Yep, that's me in a teeny-tiny nutshell. I'm still figuring this blogging thing out, give me some time and I'll expand a bit more about myself & my intentions for this blog. For now, enjoy the pictures. They really do a better job telling you about me than I do.

Me - the coffee lover - and looking like I just sassed somebody.

Me - 1 of 2 Moms - Posing happily with Mom #2 aka Baba.

Me - The funny girl - again, loving coffee

Me - Mom to Pumpkin - The only boy who has my heart - Taken on his first day of 1st Grade. 

Me - Mom to Tiny & Tater - taken just before immunizations. Don't they look a bit skeptical? and why the hell and I so smiley?

Me - Posing with My Love- I later designed a layout around this picture for one of my scrapbooks. I cropped the fan off the top of her head for the scrapbook though.  OH! Just had an idea to use the original, with the fan, to do a Helicopter Baba page for the girls' scrapbooks! Baba is the total helicopter parent. Seriously, they had helmets at 9 months for no real reason other than peace of mind for Baba. Oh, this is going to be fun. :-)
And now...a few DIY & Repurpose projects I actually started AND finished!

Antique spoons, flattened and stamped for herb markers.
Gift wrap organizers.
These hold extra ribbon, tissue paper, gift bags & party supplies. The tags tell what is in each case.

Apron made from a men's dress shirt.
Scarf made from old t-shirts & ribbon scraps for the flowers. Cut the t-shirt into 2" strips from belly to arm pits. Strips will each be a circle (think floppy hula hoop). Pull/stretch the circles and they roll up like that.
Inspirational word blocks made from an old Jenga game. Painted & used left over rub-ons from my scrapbook stash.
 Tooth Fairy Door for Pumpkin. Found this idea on Pintrest long before I knew to give credit for these ideas. Oops.


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